What if
Et si cette histoire parlait de toi?

Je ne sais pas si TU te rappelles…

MOI, je n’ai rien oublié.

  • Let’s Make It Clear

    18 janvier 2022 par

    If my son were typical I would have tried raising him to be a good man. Thomas is more of a permanent 5-year-old whose future is not as bright as I would have liked. One thing is for sure, he will never consciously be mean to any girl or try to hurt one on purpose.… Lire la suite

  • The Most Important Things

    27 mai 2021 par

    What is it? What will remain over a year after it all began? Will people be any kinder? Nicer? Will our world be a better a place after all? There are many ways to see it. Mine is no better than yours. I just wish people had become more thoughtful, open and understanding. Wouldn’t that… Lire la suite

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