You Broke Her Heart

Tonight, when my pumpkin sat down in the car she said: « Today was the worst day of my life ». Then she started crying and I could see tears rolling down on her cheeks and all she could say was: « I don’t know what happened, we talked last night and he said nice things to me and today he says I’m not his girlfriend anymore and that he doesn’t love me! »

I couldn’t help but feel her pain and I told her that love was difficult to manage especially when you are younger and barely know what you are doing. I told her she was beautiful and I said: « I am so sorry for you baby, I love you so much! »

I have to say I loved the way my husband took her in his arms and hugged her to comfort her because she wasn’t able to tell him her pain. He told her that boys are often stupid and I added: « Except for your daddy » and he reminded her how her sister also got her heart broken before she met the right one.

She went from all tears to all smiles but at times her eyes filled with tears and so did mine… she still found the strength to say: « Mom, I am going to be happy with what I have and work for for what I want, I saw that in Maryane’s bedroom. Now, my heart belongs to Robert Pattinson! » At least, she has a good spirit.

I love her from head to toe, but sadly I can’t prevent boys from making her cry.

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