The Most Important Things

What is it? What will remain over a year after it all began? Will people be any kinder? Nicer? Will our world be a better a place after all?

There are many ways to see it. Mine is no better than yours. I just wish people had become more thoughtful, open and understanding. Wouldn’t that be amazing if we’d all cared more for others simply because we’ve been isolated for so long during the pandemic? That would be my dream.

When I think about what I’ve missed the most, it really is all about little things. Like being free of doing those trips to my hometown and seeing my herd, seeing people’s faces too and not having to guess their « behind the mask » mood. Just hanging out, being close to people, hugging those I care so much for whenever I feel like it. My last hugs aside from my husband’s and kids’, I kind of cheated… my brother last October and my mom when she came here for Christmas. My brother had seen no one in months and my mom has been missing us and the kids every day. I just had to, I hugged them. How I miss putting my head down on my mom’s shoulder like I used to do it in my childhood.

The just after pandemic is going to be overwhelming I think, almost like it won’t feel right to actually see people or be surrounded by them or being close to one another.

Again, it might just be me but I keep thinking about what I’d like to do and who I’d want to be with. It may sound funny but it’s simple,it’s all in the little things. What I long for is being with those I love just because that’s what matters the most in my life. So no, I won’t go out more or travel…life has remained the same at home for us. For one thing, people were actually pretty much on the same beat as us during that period of time. I won’t blame whoever wants to go back to the outer world again, it’s not something I am used to anyway.

One thing is for sure, I will go back to my people. They have been there even if we were physically apart a lot in the last year or so but seeing them, I will enjoy that and be completely happy. And that begins tomorrow with my mommy ❤️. Chalet, here we come in a social distancing reality but still, I am thrilled!


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