What if

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It reminds me of that show with aliens, human on the outside and ugly creatures on the inside. Yes, you have left that great feeling behind as you walked out of my life.

You don’t get to decide the mark you leave into people’s lives. Among all of the things you did, you have scared my soul deeper than anyone else. I hope it helped you rise above the crowd the way you like to do.

You rolled into my life and for the first months I saw nothing wrong. We met each other’s friends and relatives, the usual stuff couples get to do.

We were inseparable and so after 6 months we thought the next summer we could move into our own place. You liked to train a lot and I like aerobic but I tried following your lead so we’d share something.

No matter what I did,you made me feel it wasn’t enough. I could feel it in your family as well, you were much like your mother was. It was your way. No wonder my parents did not like you.

You were always freaking about what I’d wear and that pissed me off. You hung out with guys you considered bright but they were real morons. Your own ego had taken huge proportions and so our time together ended. You lied many times, enough that I wouldn’t trust you anymore. And you cheated on me. So, I packed my boxes and while looking for a new place, I crashed (sank) down at my parents’ place.

There was nothing I have ever wanted to tell you after I had left except that you were a selfish prick. The day I came for my stuff, I took everything, it all belonged to me anyway. I even disconnected the kitchen lighting just to annoy you as you two lovebirds would want to turn the lights on that day. I only had to lock the door and leave the key on the table before leaving.

I was really about to do just that, but something pushed me to turn around and enter the bathroom. Two toothbrushes,sweet! I took them both…dipped them into the toilet and wiped the excess of water and put them back where they belonged.

It took me years to like myself after you but when I look at my life today, there is not one part of that I miss. I found someone who was simply above all my expectations. He makes all shine and he is worthy of all my love and kindness.